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Toronto: Are Termites Damaging Your Home Slowly?

The soil in Canada doesn't have lot of termites, but that doesn't mean that the country is termite free. In fact, it is quite a problem in few areas of southern Ontario including Toronto. If you’re thinking of buying a house in Toronto or already own one, you need to consider termites because there has been a recent increase in the number of homes that have reported termite problems in the last few year. Termites are growing in numbers and are a problem not only in Toronto but also in Ottawa and Vancouver.

It is believed that termites reached Toronto in the year 1938 and were first sighted at the harbour on Cherry Street. Probably, termites cruised over from the US. Over the years they have expanded their homes to even the suburbs.

The damage that termites cause to our properties are serious enough to get alarmed. According to a research, the pests cause up to $21 million every year in damages to GTA homes. In a particular case, a resident in Toronto’s Riverdale neighbourhood, spent over $20,000 in a month to get rid of termites as they had built a huge nest in her home’s crawlspace. The problem with the termite infestation is that the homeowner is unaware of their presence until they have spread all over and damages they have done starts showing their evidences!

Expert says that termites use foam insulation in homes to build their tunnels. This way termites move around without alerting homeowners that they have infestation. In the absence of foam insulations, termites creates tunnels in dirt or mud so that they stay hidden from the sun’s rays and maintain moisture in their bodies.

Termites love moisture. To prevent termites to invade your home, you must stop any thing thats leaking in your living area including A/C units, water pipes and even faucets. Store firewoods and any such material away from the foundation and also remove leaves and mulch.

Termites control and treatment is a specialized job. If you think your home is infested with termites, then you must take services of a professional termites control company. Essen Pest Control, Toronto is one such company and you can call them at 416 817 7378.

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