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Pests That Can Cause Asthma

Did you know that common household pests like cockroaches, dust mites, rodents such as mice and rats, stinging insects and mold can trigger of allergies and asthma. Children are more vulnerable to get allergy and asthma symptoms and even get asthma development. Asthma is a common chronic inflammatory disease of the airways characterized by variable and recurring respiratory symptoms like wheezing and breathlessness. Here are few pests that can trigger or worsen allergy and asthma symptoms:

Dust Mites

As name suggests, wherever the dust is, mites will also be present. And dust worsens asthma and allergy symptoms. In fact, in people who are already asthmatic, they can have an attack with dust and dust mites. Few people gets allergy with mite’s body and poop and this makes dust mites as one of the most common triggers of allergy all round the year.

Rats and mice

Rats and mice produce allergens that can affect people with asthma. The proteins in mouse urine are the main allergen. Even mouse saliva and feces can also trigger asthma. Rodent‐associated diseases affecting humans Besides asthma, rodents can also spread diseases like plague, typhus and rat ‐ bite fever.


Cockroaches are the most common culrit when it comes to unhealthy effects on a child’s respiratory system. Their saliva, feces and shedding body parts can trigger both asthma and allergies. Cockroach can even trigger the development of asthma in kids, as long as at least one of their parents has dealt with asthma or allergy symptoms.

It is therefore important to maintain a pest free home. In case you are facing any kind of pest infestation, then you must seek services of a licenced and professional pest control company. Essen Pest Control is one such company and you can can call then at (Toronto - 416 817 7378) and (Ottawa - 613 804 7378).

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