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What To Do If A Wild Animal Enters Your Home

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What To Do If A Wild Animal Enters Your Home

In last few years, Canada's cities like Ottawa and Toronto have seen residential and commercial growth. The best part is that these cities are surrounded by nature but at the same time this proximity to nature many a times brings unwanted guests in form of wild animals into your home. Common animals that can enter or get trapped in your home are squirrel, skunks, raccoons and sometimes even snakes! Here are few things you can do if a wild animal gets into your home:

Keep distance and do not panic

Most of the wild animal gets into home in search of food and they are more frightened of us than we are of them. So, the first and foremost thing you can do is to keep calm, don't panic and keep distance. Move slowly and do not get aggressive. The animal may also react aggressively. It would be good if you can close the animal in a room and then wait (or call) for help to arrive.

Trick the animal outside

If possible and without taking any risk for yourself and others in the home, try to trick the animal outside. It will depend where you found the animal. If it is near the exit door, then try to maneuver it outside ensuring that you are at a safe distance from it.

Call the pests professionals

If you think that tricking them out is not possible and you fear any kind of danger from the unwanted entry of the animal, then you must seek help of a professional pest control and wlildlife removal company. These company have experts and all the necessary equipment and techniques to catch them and remove out of your space. Essen Pest Control is one such company and you can can call then at (Toronto - 416 817 7378) and (Ottawa - 613 804 7378).

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