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Pests That Infest Ottawa

Ottawa as come a long way from the time when it was a tiny frontier town. Today, as capital of Canada, it has become a sprawling city with so much to offer! Located in Ontario at the Quebec border, Ottawa is city of more than one million people. Ottawa is known for its history and culture and also for modern days unique boutiques and shopping districts, a lively local music and art scene, and an exciting nightlife. Ottawa can offer too much, sometimes even pest infestations!

The weather conditions in Ottawa can be also be held responsible for problem of pests and wildlife animals. From hot summers to extreme winters, Ottawa witness all conditions and because of this, the residents complain of pests and animal all around the year. Pests that trouble Ottawa's residents are:


Ottawa has the second-most complaints about rats and mice in Ontario. Rats are also visible in public parks and on the street. These rodents, in search of food, often make entry to households or any premises that has got kitchen/pantry. Summer season is usually the best time for rodents in the capital. The rats and mice looking to pack on fat before the cold months from garbage bins. And once they find these source of food, they also discover paths to the homes. Restaurants, older buildings and construction sites are also home to rats and mice.

Bed bugs

The homes and even hotels in Ottawa, Toronto and in fact all over Canada have seen a resurgence over the past few years. Ottawa is ranked the 6th worst city in Canada for bed bugs. Bed bugs are tiny, brownish pests about the size of an apple seed. They typically come out at night to bite. Bed bugs come out in night and feed on human blood. They can, in rare case, bite and also spread/carry diseases.


Canada has over 100 species of ants, few of which are structure-damaging species and can take residence in or around your home. Ottawa, too, faces the problem of ants from majority of the species that infests the country. Ants, as a pest, can be annoying apart from the other problems they cause. Pest ants often nest in and around buildings, congregate in food preparation areas and have the potential to spread disease. Ants feed on a wide variety of foodstuffs and can be predators or scavengers.


Ottawa could have a bad case of cockroach infestations as they are on the rise. Cockroaches can be brought into the home in the form of egg cases that have been laid in groceries, rugs, used appliances, etc. Their infestation is not always a sign of poor housekeeping. Ottawa residents claim that they get distracted by the problem of cockroaches.

Apart from the above mentioned pests, Ottawa also faces problems from other pests and animals like We specialize in pest control of fleas, mites, termites, spiders and also squirrels, raccoon, birds and other wildlife animals.

If you are facing problems with any pest infestations and all your DIY efforts have failed, then you must take services of a professional pest control company. Essen Pest Control is one such company in Ottawa and you may call them at 613 804 7378.

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