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Most Common Pests Found In Toronto

Toronto is Canada's largest city and the capital of the province of Ontario. The city is a dynamic metropolis with skyscrapers and is also known for the iconic, free-standing CN Tower. Toronto also has many green spaces, from the orderly oval of Queen’s Park to 400-acre High Park and its trails, sports facilities and zoo. However, living in Toronto also means facing problems of all kinds of pests and animals. Mostly warm, the city thus invites every pest from bed bugs to raccoons to roaches. Homes, apartments, condos and even commercial places are prone to pests invasion. It helps when you are aware of most common pest that can invade in place and also how to deal or get rid of them. Here are 5 most common pests in Toronto:


In the months of spring and summer, ants will crawl into homes of many Toronto's residents. The climate is perfect for them and enter homes in search of food. Becuase, ants are tiny in size, the smaalest cracks or hole can become their entry gates and can move in numbers. Apart from the kitchen as obvious place, ants can also be found in bathrooms (because of natural bath products and oil). Toronto's residents usually encounter 7 different types of ants in their homes and yards. Three species of ants, pavement ants, carpenter ants, and European fire ants, cause 90% of all the troubles.

Bed Bugs

Recently, Toronto was named as the bed bug capital of Canada! Very common in this city, bed bugs seem to infest homes and businesses despite many types of efforts to control them. In fact, in last few years bed bugs infestations have reached an alarming situation throughout all of Toronto. If news are to be believed, then few pest control companies even suggested to throw out all furniture in order to get rid of bed bugs! One can prevent bed bug infestations by regularly cleaning almost every surface in the home, including bedding, carpets, and solid furniture like wooden chairs and tables. Bed bugs aren’t restricted to the bed, they can be hidden in furniture, frames of wall paintings and even cupboards.


Toronto is big city which also means that it creates a lot of food waste and it is therefore obvious that cockroaches are another common pest here. Cockroaches are nocturnal and come out mostly in night to search food. In Toronto, cockroaches can invade your home or business through cracks and crevices on the exterior of a building, sewer and drain pipes and wiring and plumbing through walls. They can travel to your home in boxes or grocery bags. To prevent cockroaches, their access to food scraps and garbage should be minimized. Food should be stored in glass or metal storage containers. Kitchen cabinets and pantries must be completely sealed.

Rats and mice

Toronto also faces the problem of rats and mice. Situation is actually bad and the city is the most rat-infested city in Ontario. It is not residential apartments and homes that are facing rat problem, but commercial buildings including offices, hotels and restaurants are also infestated. Wherever, foods are prepared or consumed, chances of rat infestations increases. The problem of rodents had steadily increased over the years and they continue to thrive in the city. Exterior cracks are major entry points for rodents and one must examine the whole house and fix all openings from where they can reach your home.


Raccoons are pesky scavengers and troble residents of Toronto to the extent that they have become an unofficial Toronto mascot! Raccoons seem like they are everywhere in Toronto. They’re nocturnal and therefore unsettling. As long as their skull can get through, the rest of the body goes too, raccoons can get through anything. These animals can cause serious damage to a house in their quest to build a den.

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