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Preparing Your Home For Bed Bug Treatment

Here is the list of few things you need to ensure before we come to your home so that Bed Bug treatment is successful. We recommend you to prepare a checklist and keep a pen so that you check mark steps one by one as it get completed:

We recommend you to remove all electrical wall plates, phone jack plates and light switch covers. You may do this yourself or take help of an electrician. Remove television sets from wall units and keep all electronic equipment in the area till completion of treatment.

The front panel from heating or air conditioning units if in close proximity to bed should also be removed. Surprised? Bed bugs may reach and hide to that level too! Also, remove paintings, decorative items, wall clocks and mirrors from walls.

All beddings and pillows should be removed, placed in bags and then all of them should be taken to the laundry when they can be placed directly into the washing machine. Use hot water and or place into a dryer. All objects and articles under the beds provide an ideal place for bedbugs to hide. Therefore, all clothing or garments loose around the room must also be bagged and laundered. Objects at bedside table including night stands shall be relocated within the area of treatment.

Also, remove clothing of nightstand and should be bagged and laundered. Vacuum the floor extensively. Remove the vacuum bag immediately and discard in an exterior garbage receptacle. Pry baseboards away from walls if requested by the Essen Expert Service Technician. It is necessary for you and your pets to vacate the premises during the service/treatment and to remain outside of the area until at least 6 hours after treatment.

Fish aquariums may be left within the area of service but they should be covered and air filters must be disconnected. Anyone in the family with underlying health conditions should consult their family physician where they have concerns regarding re-entry time.


It is very important to know that all garments be laundered in hot water with temperature over 60°C or140°F or placed into a dryer on the highest setting for a minimum of 30 minutes. The dryer must be capable of reaching a temperature of over 40°C to kill all stages and not be loaded to more than 50% capacity. All laundered items must remain OUT of the treatment area during service.

Clothing and fabrics related with beds/sofas cannot be treated with pesticides due to the prolonged contact with skin. Therefore, this step is crucial and necessary to ensure the treatment program does not fail with the re-introduction of bedbugs from infested clothing. If you have any further questions on upcoming bed bug treatment or any other pest issue you might be facing, please call us at: 613 804 7378.

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