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Common Mistakes That Attract Pests To Your Home

Have you been attracting pests in your home? Yes, knowingly or unknowingly you might be doings things that attract pests in your home. Many of our activities and lack of attention to the condition of kitchen, rooms and garden may result in the easy growth of pests in our homes. We all know that the best way to control pests, termites, and other creepy insects is to keep house clean. Pests, mice and wildlife animals are always looking for new places to live and if you are not careful, your own home could be the target for them. Here are few things you may be doing to attract pests to your home:

Not maintaining your yard

Keeping your yard neat, clean and maintained not only makes your property look good but also deter common pests and animal. Mow your lawn regularly and dispose of fallen and old leaves. Also, any open drainage or rain gutters should be kept clean.

Providing sources of food and water

Many people after dinner throw their leftover outside. This is easy way inviting all kinds of pest and animals to your premises. Leaving unused food open in the kitchen or any other area of home will also bring pests and bugs in. Make sure that you are not providing reliable sources of food and water to these unwanted pests. Remember, they only come inside in search of food and water.

Allowing water to stagnant in and around your property

If you are not eliminating sources of stagnant water on your property, then you are inviting a lot of different critters and mosquitoes. Many insects need standing water in order to develop eggs. Do away with stagnant water, old tires, empty flower pots, an even toys.

Not sealing cracks and holes

Pests and mice requires small holes and cracks to enter your home, therefore, check all those parts of walls and entry points that can offer easy access to pests. Seal them.

It is important to maintain a pest free home. In case you are facing any kind of pest infestation, then you must seek services of a licenced and professional pest control company. Essen Pest Control is one such company and you can can call then at (Toronto - 416 817 7378) and (Ottawa - 613 804 7378).

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