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+ Neighbouring Cities
+ Neighbouring Cities


Essen Pest Control's first and foremost quality is dependability. Whether it is an emergency or a scheduled call, we keep our appointments and deliver our promises. We service areas in Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver.

Our staff is courteous, experienced and believes in carrying out the job swiftly yet efficiently. Our services include:-
- Residential pest control
- Industrial pest control
- Regular and preventive maintenance
- On Call service
- Emergency service

We pride ourselves on providing solutions and services for the domestic and commercial sector. In all our operations we care for the environment first, and we use only compliant and approved chemicals and methods. We service apartment buildings, do termite proofing and fumigation. We also offer washroom care, air freshners and commercial pest control. In addition to the On-Call jobs, we also work on annual contracts.

We offer:-
- Rodents (Mice, rat, squirrels) Removal/Pest Control Services
- Ants Removal/Pest Control Services
- Bed Bugs (Special Services) Removal/Pest Control Services
- Fumigation (Container and Warehouses) Services
- Roaches Removal/Pest Control Services
- Bees Removal/Pest Control Services
- Fleas Removal/Pest Control Services
- Flies Removal/Pest Control Services
- Moths Removal/Pest Control Services
and more...

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Essen Pest Control - We offer pest control services in Ottawa, ON, Toronto and Vancouver.

Welcome to Essen Pest Control Services. We serve clients in the region of Ottawa, Brampton, Mississauga, Toronto, Oakville, Burlington, Markham and Hamilton... more

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We are a licensed and government approved pest control company that specializes in all kinds of pest control and wildlfe removal services... more

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Pests Info

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Got questions? We have answers. Feel free to inquire about our pest control services, and ask us any kind of pest control questions. We will be glad to answer... more