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Why Bed Bugs Are So Hard To Kill?

We have struggled to eliminate bed bugs since thousands of years. Despite of technological advances, bed bugs infestations are only getting worse. In the 20th century, when humans developed killer chemicals like DDT, the entire population of bed bugs in western countries were wiped out, however, they have come back again with around 15% more thicker skin than before and this has helped them to effectively withstand against the chemicals. Bed bugs have also developed resistance against most of the pesticides.

Apart from the fact that the bed bugs have learnt ways to fight chemicals, another problem is that it is very easy for bed bugs from one placxe to another. Consider this - you get back from a public place with just 1 bed bug with you to your home in your cloth and this bed bed happens to be a pregnant female bed bug. In no time, after it lays eggs, your home will get infested with bed bugs.

Bed bugs can also travel with you on your clothes, travel bags, and mattresses (one bed to another), infest your home, and lay thousands of eggs in the process. This means that they can increase their population very fast and spred to other places very easily.

The good news is that you can eliminate them from your home completely and experts recommends you to hire a professional pest control company on very first sight of bed bugs in any area of premises. These companies have trained technicians to specifically exterminate bed bugs and apply methods that permanently remove bed bugs from your premises. Call Essen Pest Control at 613 804 7378 if you are facing bed bugs problem.

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