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Bed Bugs Infestation: The Stigma Has To Go!

Many people have a fear of seeking remedies for bed bugs infestation because of the social stigma. They will try all DIY methods untill the problem becomes serious, One reason for this the probably misconception that bed bugs infest the homes which are kept 'dirty'. However, this is not true and bed bugs can actually invade any home or business premises including 5 Star hotels and even public transport and places! When you do not report your problem about bed bugs, you are actually helping bed bugs to spread! It is true that bed bugs, once established, are very difficult to eliminate but at the same time if you take services of an expert bed bugs control company, then you can rid of them permanently.

There have been instances when people come to know that someone they know have bed bugs in their home, then they avoid meeting them or even shake hands. Even few business offices meet a client outside their office if they know they have bed bugs infestation at their home (or office) ! Some of the fear is rooted in fact: Though bed bugs are not known to transmit disease, yet they can travel on clothing, jump into pocketbooks and lurk in the nooks of furniture. And they do, of course, bite.

Bed bugs can not spread directly from person to person. But as mentioned above, they are spread by travelers and/or people who come in contact with bedding, clothing, or furniture that contains bed bugs. Travelers can have bed bugs infest their luggage bags and thus can reach to their home. Bed bugs do not like heat and therefore do not stick to skin or hair. Even if they get to clothes we are wearing they will leave as soon as possible.

The fact is that people who have experienced or are experiencing a bed bug infestation are generally avoided by their family and friends. It is not surprising that upon learning about a bed bug infestation, that people tend to not want to come to your home, nor do they want you to come to theirs. It is, therefore, advisable that on the very first sighting of bed bugs, services of professional beg bugs exterminators should be taken and all must take steps to remove the social stigma attached with bed bugs infestation. Essen Pest Control is one such company and you may call them at 613 804 7378.

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