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Essen Pest Control offers professional Bed Bugs Control, Treatment & Extermination Services in Ottawa, Toronto and and neighbouring cities. We are a Govt. approved Bed Bugs and other pests control company. In case you facing Bed Bug infestation, we recommend you to seek the professional Bed Bugs exterminator services of Essen Pest Control to get rid of them.

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  • Ottawa’s most trusted Bed Bugs Control company. Serving since last 21 years.
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  • Thorough inspection of Bed Bugs infestation in all possible area of your premises
  • Bed Bug removal in a single treatment for majority of cases
  • Same-day services available on request
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  • Safe for Children & Pets
  • Focused on 100% Bed Bug removal
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Pest Info: Bed Bugs

You may think or rather believe that your beds or the house are totally bug free. But be ready to be surprised that most beds, even the cleanest of them may contain annoying bed bugs. They are also in hotels and anywhere where beds are. You need regular inspection that could help you address this situation in an effective way. Bed bugs can bee seen- the adult ones are about 3mm to 5mm in size. Stick to clean life style, in house and away to prevent or keep the bed bugs at bay.

Keep the cracks and crevices in your house sealed. Regularly vaccum your matteresses and clean the linens. When you return from travel, wash your clothes before you bring them back to your closets.

Beds bugs exist as much in cold weather countries as they do in hot weather. Therefore, do not believe in this myth that bed bugs are non-existent in Canada. They are very much everywhere, where there is lack of hygiene and lack of control.

How to identify Bed Bugs?

The homes and even hotels in Ottawa, Toronto and in fact all over Canada have seen a resurgence over the past few years. Having a bed bug infestation can be embarrassing situation and its better to get rid of them as quickly as possible. Bed Bugs does not have wings and therefore they do not fly. Adult Bed Bugs are almost of the size of an apple seed (approximately 4 to 5 mm long) and are reddish brown in color. Bed Bugs abdomen becomes darker once blood is digested. Males Bed Bugs have more tapered abdomen than females. The reaction after a Bed Bug bites could vary from individual to individual, ranging from none to mild to severe. Bed Bugs have flattened body and this helps them to hide in small places like bed frames, sofas, any seat/chair, baseboards, cracks in floors, under carpets and many other places which makes them very difficult to detect. Bed Bugs tend to stay together and large infestations gives a sweet but unpleasant smell.

For Bed Bugs Extermination and Pest Control in Ottawa, ON call Essen Pest Control at 613 804 7378 now! How do you get Bed Bugs?

Bed Bugs are hitch hikers and can hide in suitcases, purse and even laptop bags. Now, when you move with these belongings, bedbugs gets transferred to other rooms or even home, hotels, offices, hospitals, or any other building as well as modes of transportation. Sanitation is not a factor and even if you keep your premises clean, bed bugs can make their way inside!

Call Essen Pest Control, Ottawa at 613 804 7378 for Bed Bugs removal and control. How to confirm if your premises has been infested by Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are tiny, nocturnal and wingless insects which belongs to Cimicidae family of insects. Bed Bugs are attracted by carbon dioxide and warmth that humans emit and are generally visible more in nights. Therefore, the best time to confirm if your house or hotel is infested with Bed Bugs is the night and one can inspects beds by lifting bed mattresses, cusions of sofas and chair. Another sign is the presence of small spots on your skin resembling those of a mosquito bite. Also, if you find that bed sheets have spots that look like dry blood, then also your premises could be infested with Bed Bugs. The stains over the bed sheets are actually fecal matter of Bed Bugs and it is almost a confirmation of their presence in your premises! If you are not sure, then you can call a professional Bed Bugs control, removal and extermination company for an inspection and treatment of Bed Bugs.

If you live in Ottawa, ON, Toronto and nearby cities, then call Essen Pest Control at 613 804 7378 for effective Bed Bugs Extermination and Pest Control services. Lifecycle of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs goes through gradual metamorphosis ie. from egg to nymph to an adult. Nymphs are very tiny in size and in fact smaller versions of the adult bed bug and goes through several molts until fully grown. Female bed bugs lays around 200 to 500 eggs in her lifetime, 10 to 50 at a time. It takes around 6 to 17 days to get bed bugs eggs hatched. The surprising fact is that an adult bed bug cansurvive over 1 year without feeding! Call Essen Pest Control, Ottawa at 613 804 7378 for Bed Bugs removal and control.

Life Cycle og Bed bugs

Essen Pest Control is a very equipped pest control company that can help you not only rid your home from bed bugs but all other pests as well. Contact us for an inspection and we will be able to give you a very clear and quick assessment of your house. Our service area includes Ottawa, ON, Toronto and the surrounding areas. For Bed Bugs Extermination and Pest Control in Ottawa, ON call 613 804 7378 now!

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