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Essen Pest Control offers professional Carpenter Ants Control, Treatment & Removal Services in Ottawa, Toronto and and neighbouring cities. We are a Govt. approved Carpenter Ants and others pests control company. In case you facing Carpenter Ants infestation, we recommend you to seek the professional Carpenter Ants removal sevices of Essen pest Control to get rid of them.

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  • Essen Pest Control is a trustworthy name in domestic and commercial Carpenter Ants control for over 21 years.
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Carpenter ants (Scientific name: Camponotus) are large ants found in many forested parts of the world. They build nests inside wood (preferably in dead, damp wood) which consists of galleries chewed out with their mandibles. Unlike termites, carpenter ants do not consume the wood. They may hollow out sections of trees. Carpenter ants also nest in wood that is decaying or moist inside of our home, such as in bathrooms or under sinks and dishwashers.

The common vehicle for carpenter ants to enter homes or offices are through wet or damaged wood. But, they may also reach inside via cracks around windows and doors. The problem with the carpenter ant infestations is that their infestations generally go unnoticed until it’s too late. Moreover, the damage caused by carpenter ants is often confused with termite damage. Therefore, carpenter ant infestations many a times become a cost-ridden situation which is not easily corrected.

Signs of Carpenter Ants

  • Sawdust type piles of wood shavings generally found below the wooden areas like baseboards, door jams and window sills.
  • Swarmer carpenter ants shed wings. Therefore, if you find such wings near window sills, baseboards and vents, then you might have infestation.
  • If you hear rustling noises from inside walls or hollow doors, then also you may have carpenter ants infestation. Winged ants creeping out from ceilings, walls, or other hidden crevices are sure sign of carpenter ants.

Although, there are around 2000 species of termites but the commonly found termites in cities like Toronto or Ottawa is the subterranean termite (in the East, Reticulitermes flavipes, in the West, Reticulitermes hesperus).

Toronto and Ottawa have termite problem. If you’re thinking of buying a house in these places or already own one, you need to consider termites. Termites are a nightmare for home owners.

Take help of our technicians and save yourself with agony of recurrent termite problem and cost. We are expert in tracking traffic, removing nests and help you with information as how to keep termites away.

If you are concerned about carpenter ants in your home or business premises, then contact a reputable a reputable post control company like Essen Pest Control. Our Services:

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