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Essen Pest Control offers professional cockroach control, Treatment & Extermination Service In Ottawa, Toronto and and neighbouring cities. We are a Govt. approved Cockroach and other pests control company. In case you facing cockroach infestation, we recommend you to seek the professional cockroach exterminator servies of Essen Pest Control to get rid of them.

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Cockroaches are one of the most adaptable and successful insects. They can infest any type of structure from homes. to commercial establishments.They can be broughtin with purchesed merchandise and can travel freely within a building along wires and pipes. While they are mostly a nuisance pest, they are capable of carrying disease pathogens as well as causing allergic reactions or asthma attacks.

German Cockroach (Blattella germanica)

The German cockroach is the most common species in the Lower Mainland. It is generally described as a small cockroach, 1 to 2.5cm in length. They are a light brown to red brown color with 2 dark brown longitudinal stripes on the thorax. Nymph stages resemble the adults but are wingless and tend to have pale areas on the thorax. The ootheca, or egg capsule, is about 1cm in length, slightly curved, and is a yellowish brown color. Female cockoaches carry the egg capsule until 1 to 2 days before the nymphs emerge. However, The egg capsules may be dropped prematurely if the female is threatened with danger. On average there are 30 to 40 eggs per capsule. Development time from egg to adult is on average 103 days butw can range from 54 to 215 days.

German cockroaches are not social insects but many individuals will occupy a harbourge area together. Harbourage areas include cracks and crevices in walls, cabinets, or fllors. They are generally nocturnal but will be seen in the daylight when the cockroaches are under Stress or the infestation is very large and acceptable harbourages are overflowing. In general, they spend about 75% of their time in harbourages.They are omnivorous and will feed on almost anyting from crumbs or scraps of food to glue or toothpaste. while food is important for long term survival, they can live approximately one month on water alone.

More About Cockraches

Cockroaches are primitive insects that help recycling dead plant material outdoors. However the few species that infest our homes and businesses give all cockroaches a bad reputation. There are almost 70 kinds of cockroaches in countries like the united States; but only six or so are considered pests of homes and businesses.

Adult house-infesting cockroaches are medium to large insects(1/2-2 inches long, depending on species) thar vary in color from a light reddish brown to black. They have a broad, flattened shape, spiny legs and long, whip-like antennae.Roaches are active at night and will scatter quickly when disturbed by light. Immature stages (nymphs) resemble adults, but are smaller and have undeveloped wings.

Adult females roaches produce egg capsules, which may contain up to 50 eggs. Some species carry them on their bodies until hatching takes place, while other drop the capsules in protected places that they frequent. After about 30 days young nymphs appera and begin their gradual development. As with all insects, roaches must shed their outer skin, or molt, to grow Immediately affter molting, they are white, but within hours their body becomes dark and hardens. Depending on the species, It may take a single cockroach as little as six weeks to become an adult or as a few years. There are several generations per year.

Roaches reproduces at an enormous rate and are capable of producingseveral thousand offspring in a year. They are often carried intu homes in shipping materials, grocery bags, beer and soda cases, laundry and used appliances.

Cockroaches can bring about illnesses such as:

Food poisoning - because they like to eat rotten food and crawl around unsanitary places, they can track germs across the food on your counter and in cabinets and that can cause food poisoning.

Dysentery - a disease that comes from ingesting fecal matter, which cockroaches are more than happy to walk across and then bring onto your food.

Tapeworms - Which can cause serious illness and problems with digesting food in humans and othere animals.

Roundworm - Parasite organisms, such as pinworms, that can be very dangerous to humans and cause illnesses such as trichinosis.

Fungus cockroach droppings, shek skins and other material can develop fungi that will affect the lungs or eyes. Those with asthma can be very much at risk friom fungus left by cockroaches.

Viruses - roaches are known to carry a number of viruses including those as serious as polio.

Allergies - cockroach droppings, skins and saliva are one of the leading causes of allergies for those who live in urban locations.

How Can I avoid cockroaches in my home?

  • Clean up spills quickly
  • Don't stack newspapers, magazines, or cardboard boxes in the house
  • Regularly clean underneath the fridge, toaster, stove, and other appliances
  • Empty the kitchen bin regularly
  • Make sure food scraps are cleaned off the floor quickly (especially with toddlers around)
  • Store food in sealed containers
  • Don't leave pet food lying around in pet bowls
  • Fill gaps where cockroaches might get in (use steel wool, and leave he shower/bath plugs in afterwards).

Already have a cockroach infestation? Here's what to do:

  • Try Trapping - Use sticky traps to monitor the cockroaches' lanes of traffic.
  • Keep Your Home Clean - Take Care of garbage and other sanitation concerns quickly.
  • Treat your home - This means using or chemical methods to kill cockroaches and get rid of the infestation
  • Manage your environment to make it less conducive to cockroaches. This usually getting rid of decaying matter such as old newspapers, Clearing clutter in pantries and cabinets and under sinks, and cleaning up in and around your home.

Because of the risk of serious illness, trusting the professionals is the best call for cockroach. After all, you don't want to kick up infectious cockroach debris into your home's air. Because there are many insects that look like cockroaches, professional identification is very important.

If you do use insecticides or cockroach control products make sure you carefrully follow the instructions for use. To ensure the most effective pest control however contact a reputable pest control company like Essen Pest Control. Our services:

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