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What Bugs Can Be Mistaken For Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs infestations have been on rise and have become a problem not for the home owners but also in hotels and other public places. We must actually know that the pests which we believe are bed bugs or their look - alikes! This is important so that right treatment takes place. There are 5 commonly encountered pests which can be misidentified as bed bugs.

Spider Beetle

Spider beetles are oval in shape and dark brown in color, this resembles the shape and size of fleas. Spider Beetle may appear bloated and reddish brown, as if they had just fed on human blood. And, because of this, they may be mistaken as bed bugs. Spider beetles are not blood suckers. They feed on goods found in household pantries during the night.

Carpet Beetles

Carpet beetles are tiny, round and brown pests and have distinct wings. Their larvae look like furry caterpillars. Carpet beetles damage carpets, fabric, furniture and also other clothing that contain natural animal fibers. They are harmless and do not bite, but few people can have welts if exposed to their tiny hairs.

Cockroach Nymphs

Cockroach nymphs like bed bugs are most active at night. They appear white immediately after hatching or molting, and quickly turn a reddish brown, much like a bed bug. The difference between Cockroach nymphs and bed bugs is actually their shape. Cockroach nymphs are like shape of cylinder whereas bed bugs are shorter and oval/apple-seed shaped.


Booklice are most commonly mistaken for bed bug nymphs. They feed on They are smaller in size, ranging pollen, fungi, mold and fragments of dead insects. Usually they are found under wallpaper and along the sides of windows and window sills. Booklice are from translucent white, to gray or brown in color.

Bat Bugs

Very similar in appearance to bed bugs, Bat bugs feed on the blood of bats, commonly found in attics. They are so similar that only an expert entomologist can tell whether the pest is bat bug or bed bug! The primary difference is the longer length of fringe hairs located just below their head.

If you are not sure that the infestation is of bed bugs or similar looking pests, then the best thing to do is to seek services of a professional pest control company as they have experts who can easily identify the pest. Essen Pest Control is one such company and can be contacted at 613 804 7378.

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