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Essen Pest Control offers professional Termite Control, Treatment & Removal Services in Ottawa, Toronto and and neighbouring cities. We are a Govt. approved termite and other pests control company. In case you facing infestation, we recommend you to seek the professional termite treatment services of Essen Pest Control to get rid of them. .

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  • Essen Pest Control is a trustworthy name in domestic and commercial termite control for over 21 years.
  • Government approved, licensed, insured and bonded pest control company.
  • Fully trained and experienced professionals that attend to your needs effectively.
  • Quality service and affordable pricing!

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At very first look at a single termite, you may wish to ignore them as it will not look menacing or threatening, but a colony of termites is capable of inflicting serious structural damage to a property in a very short period of time. Often called as silient destroyers, termites can damage wood, floorings and even wallpaper. You will be shocked to know that every year termites cause property damage up to the tune of billions!

Signs of Termite Damage

Although, it is not always possible for a common man to identify termites through naked eyes. It is advisable that if you suspect you have termite infestation, then contact a professional termite control company. However, here are few signs to help you find wheather you have termite infestation:

  • Wood in the home which feels like turned soft and sounds hollow when tapped
  • You find powder of woods below wood structures like furniture
  • Uneven or bubbling paint
  • Tubes made of mud on the exterior of the home which is used by termites to reach a food source
  • Termites are generally found where there is wood to soil contact like your garage, in damp basements and in badly constructed crawlspaces.

Although, there are around 2000 species of termites but the commonly found termites in cities like Toronto or Ottawa is the subterranean termite (in the East, Reticulitermes flavipes, in the West, Reticulitermes hesperus).

Toronto and Ottawa have termite problem. If you’re thinking of buying a house in these places or already own one, you need to consider termites. Termites are a nightmare for home owners.

Take help of our technicians and save yourself with agony of recurrent termite problem and cost. We are expert in tracking traffic, removing nests and help you with information as how to keep termites away.

To ensure the most effective pest control contact a reputable pest control company like Essen Pest Control. Our services:

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