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Bed Bugs Facts & Myths

Bed bugs are now more resistant

True. According to recent studies, bed bugs are becoming resistent to many chemicals including organic compounds like pyrethroid.

Bed bug treatments now require repeated efforts

True, unless you get help of professional treatment services from the start. If pesticides are used, one treatment may not be adequate.

Bed bug bites are not dangerous

True, however almost everyone will feel red bites and itchiness. Few may have allergy in response to a bed bug bite. Do not scratch if you think you are having an allergy after bed bug bite.

Male bed bugs have bigger abdomen

True, and this feature can be used to identify male bed bugs.

Vacuuming and decluttering can help to avoid infestation

True, bed bugs hide in clutters and because of this their extermination becomes difficult. Therefore, vacuuming and decluttering may help.

Dark spots on your sheets may be a sign of bed bug infestation

True, these dark spots are actually are faecal traces and apart from the sheets they can be found on other places or items.

Bed begs are mostly active in nights only

True, bed bugs prey on you in your sleep when it’s dark. They will crawl out in dark under your mattress. However, bed bugs may feed during the day as well if they are hungry and/or feel safe. Call Essen Pest Control at 613 804 7378 if you are facing bed bugs problem.

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