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The History Of Bed Bugs

We may assume that the bed bugs got their common name from their trait of hiding in beds on which humans sleep. They have also been known with less common names like wall lice, red coats and mahogany flats. In ancient Rome, they were called Cimex, meaning ‘bug’, the species designation lecturlarius refers to a couch or bed.

The existence of bed bugs dated back to the ancient Egypt time, more than 3,300 years back. Bed bugs reached United States and Canada by early colonists, where they thrived for many decades. In the 1800s, bed bugs were abundant in North America following the arrival of the European settlers. By 100 A.D., bed bugs made their presence in Italy, in 600 A.D. in China, in the 1200s in Germany and the 1400s in France.

It is said that early humans used these blood sucking bugs for the treatment of ailments like ear infections and snake bites. In the 18th century, Guettard recommended using bed bugs to treat hysteria.

They were almost eliminated at around the year 1950 from the developed countries but have resurged back in last few years mostly because by developing resistance against pesticides and chemicals. Call Essen Pest Control at 613 804 7378 if you are facing bed bugs problem.

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