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Pest Control in Toronto

Toronto Pest Control Services - Trust Essen Pest Control, Toronto for fast, safe and effective extermination and pest control services. We are a government approved exterminator and wildlife removal company. If you live in Toronto and you've got a pest infestation or facing wildlife/animal intrusion, then call Essen Pest Control Toronto. With over 21 years of experience in the industry, we are almost the leaders in Toronto, whether you need help with an infestation of cockroaches, ants, termites, rodents, bed bugs, squirrels, raccoon, skunks or virtually any other kind of pest. We have actually become Toronto region's most trusted Pest Control Company! Essen Pest Control has a team of highly trained Pest Control & Extermination experts and covers Toronto and entire Capital Region. Essen Pest Control, Toronto caters to both domestic and commercial customers!

Why choose Essen Pest Control Toronto?

  • Essen Pest Control Toronto is a trustworthy name in domestic and commercial pest control for over 21 years.
  • Government approved, licensed, insured and bonded pest control company.
  • Fully trained and experienced professionals that attend to your needs effectively.
  • Quality service and affordable pricing!

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Pest Problem in Toronto
Your home should be a respite from the world, a place where you feel safe and comfortable. When it's infested with bugs and other critters. It is no longer the welcomimg and hospitable place you need it to be. With a population closing in 2.8 million people and it's decades old architecture mixed in with new housing developments, Toronto is full of invasion and destruction pests. These pests can sting, bite, damage property, spread harmful diseases and contaminate food just for starters. Whether your pest problem is bed bugs, cockroaches, mice, rats, or something else, a Toronto pest control company will get to the root of the problem and solve it for you.

Common Pests in Toronto

Bed Bugs Control in Toronto
As the name suggests, bed bugs are usually found in the bed or under the mattress. However, the do not restrict themselves there and can spread anywhere in the living areas. These are blood-sucking insects and like the warmth, moisture, and carbon-dioxide released by the human body.

Once in a while, besides other cleaniness regimes, a thorough cleaning of furniture is also required. It is difficult to identify bed bugs yourself, but a professional can help. Experts know the habits of bed bugs and are experienced in eliminating these insects. Instead of trying the process on your own, professional methods like fumigation and heat treatment work best for bed bugs removal.

Termites Control in Toronto
Termites and carpenter ants can cause great damage for your property or business premises. There are three casts of termites: swarmers or producers, workers or soldiers. If termites are not immediately checked, you will find the destruction of structural integrity of wood based components in your property has already been done. You should call experts termites exterminators to get rid of them.

Cockroach Control in Toronto
Cockroaches are known to be dirty and multiply once they have infested your home, office or workpklace. Cockroaches vary in size, colour and have known to withstand ba wide range of environments from arctic cold to tropical heat. There are variety of different kinds of cockroaches, but the most typical cockroach found in Toronto is the German cockroach. You should call experts cockroach exterminators to get rid of them.

Mice Control in Toronto
Mice are harmful pests that hide in your home and spread germs. They cause a lot of irritations and they have the potential of transmitting diseases. Do not delay in contacting a pest control company if you detects any mice in your home or business premises.

Mice can even destroy your valuables such as clothing, furniture and some aspects of structural integrity. A good pest control company in Toronto will employ a number of techniques such as traps to ensure that they trace the source of these pests and eliminate them completely.

Ants Control in Toronto
Ants infestations are challenging to get rid of because finding and controlling an ant nest is extremely difficult. Most ants baits are consistently ineffective in eliminating ants. In Toronto, carpenter ants are the familiar large, black ants and they shiny black and one-half inch or more in length. The best carpenter ant control comes by locating and treating the nest (indoors or out). Pavement ants are also an issue in Toronto. They are small dark brown to black in colour, with prefered appetite for greasy, sweet materials. They have a habit of nesting under sidewalks and driveways, in open oil near building foundations and piling dirt removed from the nest in a mound on top of the pavement. Pavement ants also nests indoors in walls, under floors or insulation. If you think you have an ant infestation, give a pest control company a call.

Pests are always a problem for every household and it is a good idea to deal with them as soon as possible. Letting them roam around freely in your house means you are allowing them to grow in numbers. Thus you should always be extra cautious even if you get the slightest hint of seeing or watching a pest around your home.

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