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Essen Pest Control offers professional Fleas Control, Treatment & Removal Services in Ottawa, Toronto and and neighbouring cities. We are a Govt. approved Fleas and other pests control company. In case you facing infestation, we recommend you to seek the professional fleas removal servies of Essen Pest Control to get rid of them.

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The majority of flea infestations occur in homes with pets, but they can also be a problem in home without. Fleas will live outside, can be picked up and brought indoors by a pet or even on your pant-leg or shoe. Fleas will bite almost any animal as well as humans. Aside from the often itchy bite of a flea, they can cause allergic reactions and transmit disease, including the dog tapeworm which can also infect children. Cat fleas, the most commonly encountered fleas, are small, wingless insects, 2.5mm in length, and are reddish brown to dark brown in colour. Fleas are excellent jumpers; leaping as high as 20cm.

Fleas have a foru stage lifecycle: egg, larvae, pupa, and adult. Females lay their eggs on the most which fall off the host and hatch in one to twelve days. Females can lay up to 500 eggs during their lifetime. Upon hatching, the flea larvae migrate to dark, undisturbed areas such as under basebards. The larvae feed on partially digested blood, called flea dirt, and other organic material. This stage usually lasts one to three weeks. After spinnig a cocoon, the larvae enters the pupal stage and will normally emerge within five day two weeks. Emergence from the pupa stage is thought to be triggered by vibrations or carbon dioxide produced by humans or animals. With no activity in a home, fleas can remain in the pupal stage for months.

Fleas are major pests of cats and dogs which menas these blood-sucking creatures can be easily brought into homes. With their fast reproduction, flea infestations can quickly sprial out of contol and pets and their owners must deal with the itchy bites. There are over 2,000 flea species throughout the world.

Flea eggs are small, oval shaped and pearl white in colour and are laid in variety of locations such as the fur or feathers of the host or in its bedding or resting material. The eggs hatch in about one week into bristly legless larvae,approximately 1-5mm long, which thrive in dark humid places such as carpets and animal bedding. After a couple of weeks the larvae are approximately 5mm long and will begin to spin cocoons in which they pupate host.The complete life cycel will normally last foru weeks but may take longer at low temperatures.

Fleas infest both houshold pets and wild animals like opossums, raccoons and skuns. They can also be found on shoes, Pant legs or blankets, which cna transfer the fleas to new environments.


Fleas are the most common transmittor of the rare bubonic plague. They also transmit the bacterial disease murine typhus to humans through infected rats. Their saliva can cause serious flea allergy dermatitis in pets and their debris has been reported to cause similar allergic reactions in humans. Fleas can also tranfer tapeworms and cause anemia in pets, which is why active flea management is an important component of pet care. Flea biea bites commonly cause painful, itchy red bumps.


Controlling a flea infestation requires treating your pets, the inside of your home, and flea activity sites outside all at the same time.TO treat pets, consult your veterinarian and follow the instructions of recommended flea control product. Prior to a professional flea treatment inside your home, items need to be removed form he floors and clutter neds to be readuced to eliminate potential harborage areas for fleas to hide. Running a vacuum over as many floor surfaces as possible will"activate" any eggs that are dormnat, making the treatment more effective.

Carefully discarding the vacuum lag after use will prevent captured fleas from spreading throughout the house. Wash and dry on high heat, or replace pet bedding. We advise NOT to use flea bombs or over-the-counter fumigant cans to treat for fleas yourself as this can actually make them spread worse and could potentially be a hazard be a hazard to your health.

Some flea cases call for a professinal. Even if you've been vigilant in flea control and prevention on pets, in your home, and around your property, a flea infestation can still occur. A professional exterminator will do a thorough inspection of your home to identify areas of infestation and provide you with pest control options and recommendations to get rid of fleas & ticks and prevent them from coming back. Rouine pest control, either on a quarterly or monthly basis, will also help to reduce the chances of a flea infestation developing.

If you do use insecticides or flea control products make sure you carefrully follow the instructions for use. To ensure the most effective pest control however contact a reputable pest control company like Essen Pest Control. Our services:

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