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Bed Bugs Are A Serious Problem In Toronto

In the year 2017, Toronto was ranked the city with the highest bed bug infestation and this reflects how serious is the problem. Approximately, 2,270 cases of bed bugs infestation were reported and the problem has shown no sign of recceding in 2 years. Other cities in Canada which come close nclude Vancouver, Winnipeg and Ottawa. Even this year that is 2019, Toronto has been ranked as the top place in Canada for bed bug infestation. In fact, the problem of bed bugs has increased as there were reports these notorious pests being sighted on the subways!

Few years back, bed bugs infestations were problem in poor and underdeveloped countries, but now they have become a very common problem in Europe and North America. Now, the situation is they can be found anywhere - from filthy homes to even in 5-star hotels and luxury resorts.

why is bed bugs infestations so serious throughout Toronto? They seem to infest homes and businesses despite many types of efforts to control them. In fact, in last few years bed bugs infestations have reached an alarming situation throughout all of Toronto. If news are to be believed, then few pest control companies even suggested to throw out all furniture in order to get rid of bed bugs!

Bed bugs have taken over homes and apartments throughout all of Toronto. Hotels and office buildings are common bed bug breeding grounds for bed bugs throughout Toronto. several large universities in the city does not help. Bed bugs can migrate from an infested dorm room to a university lecture hall or library and from there they can, in turn, find another host.

Bed bugs have not only taken over homes and apartments but offices and even hotels are common breeding grounds for bed bugs throughout Toronto. With so many universities in Toronto, dorm room to a university lecture hall or library are not only infested with bed bugs but from there they can travel find another home or public place.

Since the bed bugs infestation in Toronto is beyond normal problem, there have been cases where normal techniques of extermination are not working. In case you live in Toronto and your premises is infested with bed bugs, then it is advisable to take services of a professional pest control company. Essen Pest Control, Toronto is one such company and you can call them at 416 817 7378.

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