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What Are The Signs Of Termites In Your Home?

Here are few signs that may be indication that your home is infestated with termites:

Head Banging like Sounds

When the soldier termites sense danger to the colony, they their heads against the wood or shake their bodies to send signals of danger to the other termites. One can even hear sounds of worker termites munching away if you put your ear close to any wood infested by termites!

Hollow Sounding Wood

Termites eat wood from inside out and because of this the wood becomes hallow and makes sound when someone knocks or tap on an area that has termite damage. This sound itself is the sign that your home is possibly infestated by termites.

Termite Droppings

One of the things which a pest control professional, while inspecting will look for termites droppings called frass. Usually drywood termites push their frass out of tiny holes near the entrances to their nest. Because of this, one can see small black marks and a dark powdery substance around the area termites are infesting.

Flying Termites & Discarded Wings

The flying termites are the males and females that have left the nest to find a mate and then establish a new colony and discovery of flying termites (also called swarmer) is the first sign of a termite infestation. Another sign of their infestation is he discarded wings. Flying termites lose their wings shortly after finding a mate.

Tunnels in Wood

If you see tunnels like structure in a piece of broken timber near or in your house it is a sure sign that termites have infested your home. Termites control technicians uses different types of technology to detect tunnels and the activity of termites when there are no visible signs.

Termites can cause huge financial loss by eating up furniture and other wooden structures of any home or office. If you suspect or see any of above mentioned signs, then seek help of a professional pest control company.

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