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Are Termites Dangerous To Humans?

We all understand that termites can cause enormous damage to any home or structure. At the same time financial losses are also significant because of termite infestation. Many people wonder and ask if termites are as dangerous to humans and pets as they are to the property and wooden structures? The answer is termites do not pose a direct threat to humans, but they can indirectly have adverse effects on human health. Termites are not known to bite humans though they have ability to bite and in normal case even if a termite bite you, you probably wouldn’t be susceptible to any disease or illnesses from it.

Termites have abilities to bite and sting, but their bites are not toxic. However, people who live in a house that is seriousely infested by termites then few may have allergic reactions or even asthma attacks. Rarely, humans can suffer from allergy when they come in contact with saliva and/or droppings of termite.

The other health risks of having a termite problem may come from the pesticides used to eliminate them. However, this type of risk comes with any pest control method (for any pest) where pesticides are used. Therefore, homeowners must allow considerable time (or as adviced by pest control technicians) for chemicals to dissipate before they re-entering the home.

It is advisable to seek services of a termite control professional to conduct a termite inspection at your home at least once a year. However, if your house had earlier been hit by termite infestation, then you are recommended to have an inspection more frequently. The prevention of termites are far better than leaving it be.

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