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How To Prevent Termite Infestations?

Termites can cause serious damage to your home. They not only damage wooden furniture but also the property and therefore stress you financially. To fix the damage is an expensive excercise. To learn that what attracts termite to our home and what we can do to prevent their infestations can certainly help us to avoid damage termites to our property and wallet!

The most important thing that attracts termite are wood and cellulose material. You should therefore avoid storing all stuffs that contain celluose like lumber, firewood and even newspapers. Also, remove any decayed lumber or firewood. Termites prefer to live in warm/moist and dark places. Therefore, reduce moisture in home's crawl spaces. This can be done by experts who would inspect and evaluate the moisture sources and may offer solutions.

Home owners should also keep soil near their foundation dry because termites also gets attracted to moist soil. One should minimize water accumulation near the foundation. You should also inspect porches of your home and also other structural or foundation wood periodically to check the signs of termites. You must also know that buried scrap wood, cardboard boxes, fence posts and stored firewood, lumber or tree stumps are all susceptible to a termite infestation. So, you must avoid unnecessary storage of these items in your home.

Termites may also enter your home through openings in roof, walls and foundation. If you suspect that your home may have a termite infestation, then it is advisable to contact a professional termite control company to get an expert opinion.

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