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Getting Rid Of Wasp: Wasp Nest Removal

The word wasp is an umbrella term used for thousands of types of flying and stinging insects, including yellow jackets, hornets and paper wasps. If you face the problem of getting rid a wasp net for the first time, be aware that this is a dirty bussiness the insects always protect their house in a very aggressive manner. That is why it's crucial to find the right treatment and not to attack a wasp's nest with a stick or a petroleum canister as this will cause more harm to you than to them.

To help you, here are a few ways/steps to get rid of a wasp nest.

Identify Wasp Nest

First you need to determine what kind of wasp nest it is. What does it look like? Is it big and teardrop shaped and hanging in a tree? It is probably a bald-faced hornet nest. Is it roun or flat, with visible comb? then it is probably some kind of paper wasp. Is the nest oddly or unevenly shaped, is it in the ground? Then you are talking about a yellow jacket. all these wasps will sting you when you are trying to get rid of thier nests.The level of aggressiveness depends on the species: paper waps are the least aggressive (though will still sting), bald-faced hornets are pretty mean, and yellowjackets are evil incarnate. For our purposes, treat them all as dangerous.

Asses The Threat

If the wasp nest is located away from your house and far from where your kids play, the best choice may be to leave it alone. many stinging insects use their nests for only one year, then abandon it, so the problem may go away on it's own. If you go this route, you can avoid using toxic insecticides. If the nest is close to (or on) your house or in your yard.

Use Boiling Water

This method is only applicable to ground-dwelling wasps like yellowjackets. First, identify the location of thier nest. Next, wait until a time when the wasps are less active, like when it is cool and dark in the evening or early morning. Fill the biggest pot you cancarry safely with water and set it to boil. When hot, pour into hole.

Ruin The Nest

Wasps are afraid of water. The nest will be ruined and wasps will be dead after only a couple of minutes in a bucket full of any liquid. But how do you put them in that bucket? Some experienced gardners recommend to take the nest off at night, preferably in the spring when it is half-empty and the insects are not very aggressive.

Using Chemicals to Kill Wasps

If you must eradicate a wasp nest because of its proximity to peop[le, especially late in summer when wasps colonies are at largest numbers, hire an extermination professional. Follow this advice if you are allergic to stings.

If you decide to get rid of wasps yourself, take appropriate precautions before making the attempt. Wear long pants or coveralls, shirts with long sleeves, boots, gloves, and a hat with an insect veil. Seal your pant cuffs to boots and sleeves to gloves using tape or rubber bands.

For wasps with ground-level nest. For above-ground nests, use a jet aerosol wasp spray with a range of 10 to 20 escape route before spraying so you know which way to run.

  • Dust or spray at night or early in the morning when most wasps are inactive and inside the nest.
  • Read and follow all label directions.
  • Stay away from treated wasp nest sites for a full day. If wasps are active, you canrepeat the process.
  • To prevent accidental poisoning, avoid using these chemicals inside your home. Call a professional exterminator for safe removal.

Wait To Remove The Nest

The following day, watch the nest for any wasp activity. If there are still wasps flying around the nest , spray again in the evening. If there are none, use a rake handle or similar tool to knock the nest down. For good measure, spray insecticide on the remaining pieces that have fallen on the ground. Using heavy gloves, pick up and dispose of the nest and dead wasps so pets or other animals don't eat them.

Finally, remember that a professional will be better able to determine whether the nest belongs to a bee or a wasp and will also know what to do with a wasp nest. After evaluating the issue, your technician can then help you tailor a wasp controll plan, so that hopefully, you don't have to worry about new wasp colonies in the future. If you think you have a paper wasp nest near your home, contact a good pest control company today.

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