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Cockroaches On The Rise In Ottawa?

In last few years, there have been incidents of Ottawa residents getting angered by cockroach problems. Some Ottawa residents have said that fighting unlivable conditions in apartment buildings. In fact the capital city could have a bad case of cockroaches. Residents claim that they get distracted by the problem of cockroaches. These is a complaint from many apartment dwellers and buildings in Ottawa.

Few years back, schools were infested with cockroaches and certainly it was a distressing news for parents. Pest control companies say that calls have been a bit higher than average since last few years. Residents say that they feel hopeless. Sometimes, they keep coming back even if the pest control mesaures have been taken care of. They say that home needs to be where one can get away from the stress, not where the stress increases infinitely!

Cockroaches fester in humid, musty environments like bathrooms and behind dishwashers and there is little spike in the spring. The population of these pests levels off in the winter, then the spring rains lead to a spike in reproduction.

Cockroaches can travel into your home in the form of egg cases that have been laid in groceries, rugs, used appliances, etc. Their infestation, however, is not always a sign of poor housekeeping. A fully-grown cockroach has a flattened oval body which is brown in color with long spiny legs and measures 15mm (3/4") in length.

Experts recommend that community effort is essential to ensure an effective cockroach management program and therefore people living in apartment buildings or other multi-unit dwellings must take efforts to get rid of cockroaches. Here are few steps one can take:

  • Remove their sources of food and water
  • Block their points of entry and remove areas of shelter
  • Kill remaining cockroaches

If you think that your home is infested with cockroaches and all your efforts to control them have failed, then you must call a professional pest control company. Essen Pest Control is once such company in Ottawa and you can contact them at 613 804 7378.

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