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German Cockroach: Facts & Information

The German cockroach is one of the most common types of cockroaches found in homes and probably they are the most troublesome one. It is actually a small species of cockroach, usually about 1.1 to 1.6 cm long. German cockroach's color vary from tan to almost black, and it has two dark, roughly parallel, streaks on the pronotum running anteroposteriorly from behind the head to the base of the wings.

The German cockroach are widely found in human buildings, but also infest in restaurants, food processing facilities, hotels, and other institutional establishments such as nursing homes. Since, they cannot survive severe cold, they will be found only near human dwellings.

It was once thought that the German cockroach was a native of Europe, then many believed later that they have emerged from the region of Ethiopia in Northeast Africa but more recent evidence suggests that it actually originated in Southeast Asia. Probably because of their sensitivity to cold. German cockroaches can now be found almost in all countries of the world.

Like most of the other species, German cockroach is also nocturnal, but they may be sighted occasionally in day when the population is crowded or has been disturbed. However, sightings of German cockroaches are most common in the evening in the places in places like kitchens which are deserted after dark. When excited or frightened, German cockroach emits an unpleasant odor.

The German cockroach reproduces faster than any other residential cockroaches because 1 egg casing from a female German roach can contain between 30 and 40 eggs. One female can produce four to six casings in her lifetime, so populations can quickly get out of control if swift action isn’t taken. An egg takes around 50 - 60 days to grow as a reproductive adult.

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