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The Most Dangerous Spiders Found In Ottawa

The Ottawa Valley which stretches from Canada's capital city of Ottawa to Algonquin Park, is around 6 million acres of wilderness. Numerous species of wildlife can be found here including spiders. The spiders also invades residential and commercial premises of the Ottawa area. Most of the spiders are harmless (except few who could be dangerous). The fangs of most of the spiders aren't large or strong enough to pierce human skin and even their venom too is harmless. But, mere presence of spiders can be source of fear, unpleasentness and irritation. Here are some types of spiders that are found in Ottawa region:

The Black Widow

The Black Widow's venom is actually a neurotoxin and attacks nervous system causing pain and serious illness in humons. These spiders can be found in and around houses and also ouside under piles of wood or cluttered sheds. The Black Widow can be recognized with its black exoskeleton and the bright red hourglass shape on the underside of the female.

The Dock Spider

One of the largest of the local species, the Doc Spider can be found throughout Ontario. Not aggressive towards humans, Dock spiders are tan in color with darker brown markings on the cephalothorax and abdomen. Dock Spiders are also known as the fishing spiders as they hunt under the wate and also over the surface of water.

The Brown Recluse

The brown recluse has a violin-shaped brown marking on its midsection and six eyes (most spiders have eight). It is foundin Mexico's northern border, through a portion of the U.S., and through the Ottawa Valley and southern Quebec. These spiders like to live in dark, dry and secluded places and therefore homes specially basements are their favorite area. The venom of reclues doesn't often cause death, but can damage human flesh.

Other Common Species

The other types of spiders that can be found in and around Ottawa include the brown-colored common house spider, the crab spider and the wolf spider.

The expert says that it’s actually not easy to diagnose a spider bite after the fact, because everyone reacts differently to insect bites. Few spices including brown recluse spider can give you an “unbearable” bite. Though the most of spiders are pretty harmless. Still, that doesn’t mean that dangerous spiders don’t make their way into Ottawa. Once you are aware that your premises have spiders, take care of expert pest control company.

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