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Cockroach Life Cycle

What is the life cycle of cockroaches? Well, there are so many species of cockroaches, many of their life cycles differ from each other. However, the basic cycle remains the same for most of the species. Like many other insects/animals, cockroach reproduction also relies on eggs from a female and sperm from a male. Usually, the female releases pheromones to attract male. In few species of cockroaches, males fight over available females. However, what happens after the male deposits his sperm into the female may vary from species to species.

The life cycle of any cockroach consists of 3 stages: egg, nymph, and adult.


Adult females produce between 10 and 40 eggs at a time, which they carry in otheca. The otheca is a specialized sac which is attached to abdomen of the female. The number of eggs in each otheca varies from species to species. Many female cockroaches drop or hide their otheca shortly before the eggs are ready to hatch. Others continue to carry the hatching eggs and care for their young after they are born.

Most cockroaches are oviparous which means that their young grow in eggs outside of the mother's body.

Nymph to Adult

After the hatching process, cockroaches come out from eggs as nymphs. During this nymphal stage of the life cycle, the cockroaches grow by shedding their skin multiple times until reaching adulthood. This process is known as molting.

After Molting

Post molting the new cockroach become soft and white in color and eventually grow to a larger, dark adult with a hard body. Factors like the surrounding environment and species decides that how long or at what rate cockroaches will mature into fully developed adults.

In favorable conditions, cockroach nymphs can reach adulthood in a matter of weeks.

Cockroaches are repulsive and annoying pests and have a reputation for carrying disease, for eating whatever they can find and actually a stress for the home owners. If you think that your home is infested with cockroaches and all your efforts to control them have failed, then you must call a professional pest control company. Essen Pest Control is once such company and you can contact them at 613 804 7378.

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