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Good Things About Ants

Although ants can be a matter of nuisance and often considered as pests in situations when they invade in our homes, however do you know that we can't even live without them? Yes, ants perform many important ecological services and they are called as "ecosystem engineers". Here are few activities of ants which will make you understand why ants are so important for humans:

Ants improve soil drainage and also aerate the soil. In fact ants are better than earthworms in improving soil structure. This is possible because ants create nests and build tunnels in the ground and this improve the soil. Ants also move soil particles from one place to another and this activity redisribute nutrients. Also, tunnels build by them facilitate better air and water citculation in the soil.

Ants also help in dispersing seed. Many of seeds carried by these ants can reach to safer and more nutrient rich habitats, thus providing very useful services to plants. Also, if these seeds reaches their nests then they are also protected from seed eating creatures and thus take root in fertile soils.

For many of us, ants are pests, but at the same time they help us by preying on other pests! Ants can prey on ticks, termites and sometimes even gangup to to eat up antropods like scorpions and stinkbugs. They even eat critters which we want not to be around in large numbers.

Ants also improve the chemistry of soil by adding a lot of organic matter. This includes their excretas and food scraps. The activity of ants gives soil a neutral pH. Hence ants play a very positive and important role for your garden in particular and farmers in general.

However, if your facing problem of ants inside your home, then you must take measures to remove them and for this you may take services of a professional pest control company. Essen Pest Control is once such company and you can contact them at 613 804 7378.

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