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Does Ottawa Have A Rat Problem?

Ottawa's rat population has created the concern since last few years. Ottawa received more than 1,500 rodent complaints over previous two years. And some rats are big enough to be mistaken as squirrels! Every Ottawa home owner has this task to keep rats away from getting into their home. Summer season is usually the best time for rodents in the capital. The rats and mice looking to pack on fat before the cold months from garbage bins. And once they find these source of food, they also discover paths to the homes. Several restaurants, older buildings and construction sites are also home to rats and mice.

The fact is that the rat population grows so quickly and this is the subject of concern. Also, rats can be carriers of disease, ingesting food or water that has been contaminated by rat urine or droppings may pose risks to human health. Residents do take measures to control the menace through rat traps and also ensuring reducing things/situations that attract them like uncovered garbage cans.

According to a survey result, Ottawa has the second-most complaints about rats and mice in Ontario. Rats are also visible in public parks and on the street. Researchers in downtown Vancouver have been working on a comprehensive projects on rats and have been tracking rat populations and diseases they carry. Experts says that such kind of study is also required for the city of Ottawa.

There won't be any single house in Ottawa which has never had rat or mice infestation once in the lifetime. Yes, it is the most common problem that may actually esclate if proper measures are not taken by the local authority and the residents alike.

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