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Pests Info : Bed Bugs

You may think or rather believe that your beds or the house are totally bug free. But be ready to be surprised that most beds, even the cleanest of them may contain annoying bed bugs. They are also in hotels and anywhere where beds are. You need regular inspection that could help you address this situation in an effective way. Bed bugs can bee seen- the adult ones are about 3mm to 5mm in size. Stick to clean life style, in house and away to prevent or keep the bed bugs at bay.

Keep the cracks and crevices in your house sealed. Regularly vaccum your matteresses and clean the linens. When you return from travel, wash your clothes before you bring them back to your closets.

Beds bugs exist as much in cold weather countries as they do in hot weather. Therefore, do not believe in this myth that bed bugs are non-existent in Canada. They are very much everywhere, where there is lack of hygiene and lack of control.

Essen Pest Control is a very equipped pest control company that can help you not only rid your home from bed bugs but all other pests as well. Contact us for an inspection and we will be able to give you a very clear and quick assessment of your house.

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