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Pests Info : Ants

If you see winged ant-like insects around your property, you must know if they are ants or subterranean termites. If they are swarming termites, there is an established colony nearby looking for new nesting areas...and that means your home is in danger. Call us immediately, we'll eliminate the old colony and protect you from these home-damaging insects.

Ant identification is not easy. Ants are social insects, living in colonies that may number thousands. Ant queens lay eggs. Ant colonies of some species of ants have only one queen while other species may have many queens. Worker ants forage for food for the colony, care for the queen and young, and defend the colony. Workers can be one size (monomorphic) or two or more sizes (polymorphic). Colonies may reproduce by swarming or budding. Ant nests commonly consist of underground tunnels and chambers. Some species make mounds of earth or ant hills. The queens stay in the nest and workers bring them food. It is the workers you may see in and around your structure.

To control ants, pest control specialists must choose a treatment to target the infesting species. Ants must be treated differently, depending upon the species.

When your property is invaded by ants, do not disturb them. If you must, be sure you are (positive) of the origin of their location. If you spray a store bought pesticide, this will reduce our chances of using any baits. Baits are slower even when readily excepted, but this is the overall best method of positive control. If these invaders have already established a satellite colony in your home, baiting may be the only method to completely rid your home of these intruders. Applications of liquid pesticides do have their place and it certainly has a faster knockdown of the visible ants, plus it gives you some repellency. Remember, if a satellite colony is established in your structure (home), spraying your home in any fashion will only be temporary. You will still have your ants and they will simply regroup like the MARINES and they will be back.

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